While traditional bovine collagen supplements are made up of 30 to 100 amino acid chains, collagen tripeptide, which is being produced for the first time in the world, is made up of only three amino acid chains. They can be absorbed more quickly, directly through the intestine, because their molecular weight is less than 500 daltons. It differs from other types of collagen in that it is directly absorbed by the body.

Collagen tripeptide is unique in that it can be absorbed by the skin, bones, cartilages, and tendons that are attached to collagen. It also stimulates the body's ability to produce new collagen and hyaluronic acid, strengthening bones and tendons. Furthermore, when a dermo-cosmetic product containing conventional collagen comes into contact with the skin, it cannot penetrate the upper layer of the skin, whereas a dermo-cosmetic product containing collagen tripeptide is rapidly absorbed, reaches the epidermis layer, and initiates the skin rejuvenation cycle.


Tripeptides, due to their bioavailability and low molecular structure, are rapidly absorbed from the skin and slow the aging process by stimulating dermal protein production, according to studies.

This miraculous natural protein component, which helps the skin retain water and regain elasticity, has become a sought-after raw material in high-end dermo-cosmetic products to combat skin deformation caused by aging.

While hydrolyzed collagen stimulates collagen production in the skin when used regularly and at least 10 g per day, the new CollaSel Tripeptide reduces the daily usage amount to 2.5 g due to its easy absorbability and fast interaction features. Oral or skin applications containing 500 dalton CollaSel Tripeptide initiate a fast and effective treatment process, while products containing 2000 dalton CollaSel Collagen Peptide ensure the processs continuity and protection.

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